Milestone Project 1:

Animation I

Milestone Project 1: Character and Environment

 Due: Nov 2.

 Create an environment for your character and pose the character within it.

This will be the set for your final shot, which we will work on throughout the remainder of the semester.  The environment at this stage should be refined enough to be usable, though you can continue to go back and add detail, improve textures, etc.   The environment should include materials and lighting.

Models should be done by Oct. 23 for in-class rigging studio. Make sure you aslo upload your character sketch.


1. Finish character model

2. Rig it

3. Create an environment

4. Set up a shot camera

5. Pose the character in two poses that each clearly communicate an action or emotion

6. For each pose, render one still image at 1280×720 (HD 720p).   Save as high-quality JPG’s.